Culture Assessment

Culture comes down to behaviors. And within a company reinforced behaviors are seen in a variety of ways: in how you hire, reward, interact with, lead, engage, develop, promote, and separate people.

Using a proprietary cultural assessment tool, we ask key questions and review results with you to draw conclusions and develop an action plan of services, ideas and solutions.

Culture assessment is the best place to start. This process can yield information for creating a road-map for culture change or adjustment relevant to your business success. Additionally, we can also provide a HR Basics & Best Practices audit.

Company Mission & Core Values

No matter how small your organization, can your employees point to a clear and inspiring mission and to core values that they can rally around? Often times, a company’s culture is undefined because the foundation of purpose and values don’t exist, are not communicated well, or they’re false and don’t reflect the true identity of the enterprise. We have deep experience facilitating mission and values discovery workshops.

Human Resources Basics: Best Practices Audit and Policy/Handbook Review

Sometimes a cultural assessment will yield insights into basic areas of employee relations. Is the concept of fairness stated clearly in a handbook? And is it applied consistently? Is there a well-articulated a complaint process? Are policies legally compliant and in tune with the market?


How you hire is just as important to your culture as the people you choose to join it. Are you conscious of how candidates are treated in the recruitment cycle? Is your Glassdoor page suffering feedback from dissatisfied recruits? And do you consciously use your culture to guide the interviews and who you make offers to? HRUnbound can analyse and advise on your recruiting approaches and can also lead talent searches for management level positions as well as handle fully outsourced recruiting services.

Employee Engagement: Motivation, Rewards, and Interactions to get to TRUST

The concept of employee engagement is wide-ranging and has enormous impact on retention and turnover. Is your company deliberate about employee motivation, rewards, interactions and engagement? Can you say the actions you’ve taken in these areas result in committed employees to the point where they routinely reject a recruiters advance?

We can assist with your Total Rewards (pay & benefits) strategy; review and develop policies that encourage engagement; and consult on organizational development, design and communications.

We have had deep experience with employee surveys and analysis and can guide you with existing tools or a customized survey.

As it relates to engagement you might consider how well all related activities are serving to build TRUST in the workplace.

Talent & Performance Management, Succession Development and Executive Coaching

One of the most telling signs of a culture is how leaders manage performance and development. Do they listen and participate in a true dialogue? Are they practiced in having courageous conversations? Are they open with direct reports about their growth and development? And are their practices consistent across the organization? Do you know the quality and depth of talent across your organization?

We are experienced in the evaluation, development and implementation of performance & talent management processes and programs.

Employee development and company succession are strongly linked. Robust performance discussions lead to robust development plans. Employees should always know where they stand and what their career development looks like. If your leaders do this well across the firm it makes succession at all levels much more efficient to manage. HRUnbound can assess, analyze and facilitate your platform for succession development.

When a situation calls for it, does your company support and invest in coaching services for individual performance and development? No one is a perfect employee and oftentimes a manager known for technical expertise may need development in leadership competencies and behaviors critical to their roles leading others. HRUnbound is certified in the well-known Leadership Effectiveness Analysis© 360 tool that can be used as part of any coaching engagement.

Training & Team Facilitation

Behaviors underpin your culture. And behaviors can be learned, practiced, and/or improved upon. The accepted behaviors for your organization can be discussed, practiced and strengthened within a customized training session. We can assist with specific leadership training for "front line" managers & supervisors. This can be done one-on-one or as part of group training.

Additionally, we can offer facilitation sessions for teams or groups where working relationships and behaviors have caused business problems need repair.

Employee Relations and Separations

Every company experiences employee relations situations. There can be a multitude of reasons for this but most of the time these situations indicate a departure from what your culture expects. And how you handle them will also reflect on your culture; people notice this and talk about it, maybe even on Glassdoor for all the world to see and judge. The handling of employee separations is especially important when considering matters of dignity, privacy and employment law.

HRUnbound can provide advice, strategies and action plans for positive, proactive approaches as well as resolutions for current employee relations issues.